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Extreme Fishing with Robson Green
Extreme Fishing with Robson Green in Cuba!
Monday the 15'th of november at 9 PM on FIVE: Robson Green in Cuba!!!

In their 3rd season of Extreme Fishing, Robson Green visits 9 different seas and oceans. One of the places they visit is Cuba!

In december 2010 Robson and the team from IWC visited Cuba to do their shoots for their 7th program for their 3rd season of Extreme Fishing.

We helped them with information and to find sites where they could get the species they where looking for. 

The new season of the series started Monday the 1'st of November  at 9 PM  on FIVE, and on Monday the 15'th of november they are visiting Cuba.

In Norway the series have already started and the programs can be seen at the Norwegian TV NRK2 on mondays, and their web: (think its only available for Norwegian citizens).

In Cuba Robson catch Tarpons, Barracudas, Bonefish & Grouper, and you can se he's having a really good time.
If if you want to visit and experience some of the places he's fishing in this program, contact us by e-mail, and we will help you.

The program is Highly recommended for both fishermen and for others who want to be entertained and exited..