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Another trip to Cuba
Cuba again!
Fishing the great flats of Cuba again.

The plan is to leave for Cuba in april.

They are aiming for Isla de la Juventud the first week, and hopefully they will be able to visit Isla Santa Maria and Fabrizio Barbazza's new site the following week.

Also last Year they where fishing at Isla de la Juventud, and is going back this year with a main goal: Grand Slam!

 Last year they where close to grand slam, catching everything from Bonefish, HUGE Tarpon and Jacks, Snappers, Baracuda ande even a saltwater Crocodile... But it didn't go all the way with the Permit, even if they did see a lot of them.


Photos from their trip to Isla de la Juventud in 2008

Photos by Jan Andre Pettersen

JP with nice Jack

JP Bonefish1

JP Bonefish2

JP Jack

JP Snapper

Sunset Isla de la Juventud