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Jardines de la Reina
The world of Bonefishing!
In Jardines de la Reina you will find some of the finest bonefishing in the world..

Jardines de la Reina are a collection of small islands situated 75km off Cuba's southern coast and was named by Christopher Columbus.

The fishing in Jardines de la Reina is well of the coast, and your accommodation is live-aboard boats, where some are permanently moored and others can move around freely. At this boats you find the smaller skiffs which bring you around to the different sites.

The flats of Jarnines de la Reina has never been fished commercially, and have huge amounts of bonefish sized from 4-9 lbs, but recently and with increasing regularity there are caught more big fish up to 12-14 lbs. The numbers and the average size of the bonefish is impressive.

This is not the easiest place to go in Cuba, but its well worth the effort since you are out on the water "all time". You can also fish in the afternoon/evenings..

The perfect yacht for smaller groups

La Reina is a comfortable yacht, Fully refurbished at the end of 2005, it is sixty-nine feet in length, all air conditioned, with 4 double rooms and 4 bathrooms. A large upper deck is where meals are usually served and makes a fine place to relax before diner with a cocktail or a good Cuban Cigar.  They installed a new water maker that allows you an abundant amount of fresh water each day. The showers now have plenty of hot water to make the accommodations as comfortable as possible for the guests.

The chef on La Reina, as on the other yachts, goes all out to provide delicious fare for the guests. Dinners are primarily seafood- fresh fish every day like mutton snapper or grouper is served along with other traditional entrees of chicken or pork. They easily prepare vegetarian meals also on request.  Salads and a variety of fruits are served every day. Everyone looks forward to the desserts like their famous Cuban flan, and delicious rum cake.

The guides live aboard the La Reina along with the guests, giving the flexibility to travel around this huge island system in order to find the absolute best fishing.  This is one of the keys to the popularity of being on one of their yachts like the La Reina for your week. The ideal group of anglers is four, with two guides and two flats skiffs available at all times.  For those guests that are keen to try all kinds of fishing techniques, from fly fishing to spin fishing, trolling along the reef, or bottom fishing for snapper and grouper, the La Reina is superb choice and especially ideal for a smaller groups of anglers.


Their recently refurbished yacht, ideal for groups of six to eight.

The Caballones is another one of their superb yachts for both anglers and divers. Fully refurbished end of 2006, the Caballones is seventy-five feet in length. All rooms are fully air conditioned, with 4 double rooms (one is a queen bed for a couple) and 4 bathrooms. Showers with plenty of hot water make things comfortable thanks to a new water maker. The Caballones has a large upper deck where meals are usually served. The Chef is famous for his cuisine and there is always an abundance of delicious food served for each meal. Dinners are primarily seafood- fresh fish every day including some of the best eating fish like mutton snapper grouper and yellowtail Jack. For those that would like something different, chicken and pork are always available and often served as an additional entrée. Vegetarian meals are easily prepared on request. Salads, and a variety of fruit are served every day. The desserts like our famous Cuban flan, and rum cake, are delicious.

The guides stay on aboard the Caballones along with the guests, but in their quarters near the bow for everyone's comfort and the privacy of the guests. By having the guides and skiffs along with the Caballones, this gives you the flexibility to travel around this huge islands system in order to find the absolute best fishing.  This is always a key to the popularity of the Caballones and the other live-aboard yachts. The ideal group of anglers is 6 to 8, with three to four guides with three or four flats skiffs available at all times. The Caballones is one of the superb yachts in the Jardines de la Reina for those guests that would love to try all kind of fishing techniques, from fly fishing to spin fishing, trolling along the reef and bottom fishing.


La Tortuga is a double-decker, 110ft. anchored & static floating hotel with room for up to 14 anglers in 7 cabins. Up to 7 skiffs are available for the guests. Each double cabin has its own shower with hot water, toilet and individually adjustable air-conditioning system. The downstairs dining room is also air conditioned with both a foredeck and afterdeck which makes this a very comfortable home away from home. The dining on board combines the flair of the best Continental Italian cuisine and traditional Cuban favorites. Laundry is also available on a daily basis. Wireless internet connection is available all the time. Fresh Water is guaranteed by a purifier (4,000 Lt/day) and generators are located on a small island close to the lodge which run twenty four hours, providing electricity for many 110V and 220V outlets.

The Halcon is their recently refurbished luxury yacht with a storied past. It is 75ft. long and is equipped below decks with room for up to 8 anglers in 6 cabins with 3 bathrooms, all fully air conditioned. There are up to 4 skiffs available for anglers. Up top there is a large lounge with A/C, a perfect place to have cocktails between fishing and dinner. Meals are served on the afterdeck. The chef on Halcon sets a wonderful table. Dinners are primarily fresh seafood & fish each day, including lobster and conch. There is also chicken, pork and vegetarian dishes for those who prefer . Salads and a variety of fruits are served every day and incredible local desserts.


Daily Routine:
Fishing hours are totally at the discretion of the clients, unlike many other lodges. The fishing day normally begins with breakfast at 7:00am, and their guides will be ready to depart for fishing from 7:45 am on. Most of the flats you will fish are within fifteen minutes of the yacht, and it is always nice to take a lunch break in comfort and in the shade on the boat and relax a bit before fishing a long afternoon, especially during the summer season.  Lunches on board are especially good, while they are more limited in fare when making up box lunches for a full day on the water.

Often the more remote flats can be extremely good fishing and their guides will then suggest the evening before that you pack a lunch and stay out all day.

Clients can fish late into the evening if they like, since it is usually only a short run to get back toyour accomodation. In Jardines, the morning winds often calm down in the afternoons, and fishing in the late afternoon can be superb, especially for bonefish. There is never a daily gasoline limitation for the guides, so you can run longer distances to fish remote flats, especially on those days when you opt to stay out all day.



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