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Some usefull information on how to get to Cuba

Flights from Europe:

We ordered our last trip from Norway through Widerøe:

- Air France from Paris/Charles de Gaulle (CDG)

- Martin Air from Amsterdam (AMS)


Flights from Canada:



When you order packages through the operators of the fishing sites, they offer VIP reception(normally included)

VIP reception means that somebody meets you just outside of the plain and guides you through passport and Visa check(no queue as it is for other travellers). Then you will get a brief in the VIP room, while somebody from their team organize your luggage from the plain. You get briefed while having refreshments, get your luggage and is on your way to the hotel before other travellers is through the passport check...

Transport to your hotel is waiting just outside of the main entrance.

If you dont have VIP reception, dont be shocked if it takes a couple of hours before you are out of the airport..