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Fishing in Cuba
A perfect island for flyfishing
Are you the flyfisher who want to experience some of the best fishing in the world? Go to the island which separates the Atlantic ocean from the Caribien: CUBA


Its a long time since Ernest Hemingways stories about deep sea fishing for Marlin, Sailfish and Tuna on the north side of Cuba where known world wide, but as a flyfisher you will be able to find super spots and flats both north and south of Cuba.

Around some of the small islands south of Cuba, you will find some of the most outstanding flyfishing in the world. And if some of the biggest Bonefish in the world isn't enough, you will also find some of the worlds biggest amounts of Tarpon and Permit.


Cuba have a lot of advantages when it comes to sport fishing.

In Cuba you will fish virgin areas and zones protected from comersial fishing. This means that you fish areas with lots of big fish, where the fish havent seen a fishermans fly or lure before...

Cuba is also "protected" from american fishers and interests, which keeps the prices within the reach of everybody, and that you still can find rods available for people with a normal income. 

The americans stands for more than 90% of the sport fishing industry on the irlands around Cuba...


We have seen some sites which is against controlled fishing. We agree that it should be possible to take a walk on your own along the beaches to fish, without paying big fees or licences.

What we dont like, is that when we have visited some of the web-sites which belong to som of theese guys, we see pictures of killed fish. As tourists in Cuba we dont understand why other tourists just go for the kill... Do you give the killed fish to locals? Do you eat it? If so, we can understand it, but we also see a lot of fish which is not good to eat, killed.

If theese rules are made to stop people who kill whatever they catch, we ceartenly agree that the areas should be closed!

Why cant you just take your pic. as a memory, and let the fish go?