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About Snook

This wily fish is one of the best for all-around fighting ability.

Snook tegning

Their fight is usually feature by several long runs and a few jumps. Snook are also past masters at using shoreline roots and mangroves to their advantage.

Eats primarily small fish and crustaceans, but eats almost anything when actively feeding.

Snook can be found along the mangrove shorelines, seawalls, ridges, reefs and pilings.


Flies and equipment


Clouser Minnows, Crystal Minnows, shrimp and crab patterns


8-10 wt stiff Saltwater rod


9/10 wt reel


8-10 wt Tropical line in neutral colour.(some people like to overload the rod with 11-12 wt lines, due to short casts and little room in narrow mangroves)

George with Snook

 snook cuba